The Confraternity of Brothers Clubs was formed in 1975 to assist Brothers football clubs and players. From relativity humble beginnings it has grown as the need for it has grown. Many Brothers clubs have received advice and assistance particularly in their development of their licensed clubs both prior to and after the introduction of poker machines in Queensland.


Assistance has been provided to many Brothers Clubs over the years to enable them to remain competing in their Local League Competitions making representations on their behalf to the QRL.


The founders were Rev Brother Schofield (initial Patron), Frank Melit (President), John Rea (Vice President) and Tom Hickey (Secretary/Treasurer)


Perhaps one of the most widely known achievements of the Confraternity has been the establishment of the Confraternity Carnival which has gone from strength to strength and is arguably the best and certainly the biggest of its kind in Australia. The Confraternity sponsors the carnival directly and the Brothers football and leagues clubs donate money and resources to support the participating schools.


The Confraternity of Brothers clubs is a closely-knit organisation comprising thirty-eight Junior and Senior football clubs in Queensland located in all the states cities and towns from Cairns in the North to Logan in the south and also includes Darwin in the Northern Territory. There are seven Leagues Clubs and eight Old Boys Associations that are members of the organisation making the total membership of fifty-eight Clubs.


The football and Leagues clubs have a valued association with the Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Rugby League. The Confraternity provide financial support to the QISSRL who are responsible annually for the running of the biggest schoolboy’s rugby league carnival in Australia known as The Confraternity Carnival or ‘Confro’.


The Qld Secondary Schools Rugby League and the Confraternity of Brothers Clubs form a bond which goes to the heart of the Confraternity Carnival. We appreciate all the support which the carnival receives from the Confraternity and the Brothers clubs of Queensland.