QISSRL also thanks Academy School Photography and Production for their partnership with the carnival.    



Confirmed team photography team times are listed below.  

Day and Time



Monday 7:30am


Tuesday 7:30am


Monday 7:45am


Tuesday 7:45am

All Soul's Team 2

Monday 8:00am

St Thomas More College

Tuesday 8:00am


Monday 8:15am


Tuesday 8:15am

Mt Maria

Monday 8:30am

Good Shepherd

Tuesday 8:30am

Clairvaux Mackillop

Monday 8:45am


Tuesday 8:45am

Our Lady of the Southern Cross

Monday 9:00am

St Michael's

Tuesday 9:00am

Emmaus, Rockhampton

Monday 9:15am

St Anthony's

Tuesday 9:15am

St Augustine's, Augustine Heights

Monday 9:30am

St Edmund's

Tuesday 9:30am

Gilroy Santa Maria

Monday 9:45am

St John's

Tuesday 9:45am

The Cathedral College

Monday 10:00am

All Souls Team 1

Tuesday 10:00am


Monday 10:15am

St Peter Claver

Tuesday 10:15am

St Pat's, Mackay

Monday 10:30am                                    Morning tea

 Tuesday 10:30am                                  Morning tea

Monday 10:45am                                    Morning tea                                                 Tuesday 10:45am                                   Morning tea

Monday 11:00am

St Teresa's Abergowrie

Tuesday 11:00am

Monday 11:15am


Tuesday 11:15am

St Mary's, Casino

Monday 11:30am

St Jpseph's

Tuesday 11:30am

Emmaus, Jimboomba

Monday 11:45am

Marist Ashgrove

Tuesday 11:45am


Monday 12:00pm


Tuesday 12:00pm


Monday 12:15pm

St Laurence's

Tuesday 12:15pm


Monday 12:30pm                                   Lunch                                                         Tuesday 12:30pm                                     Lunch

Monday 1:00pm

Marist Emerald

Tuesday 1:00pm


Monday 1:15pm

St James

Tuesday 1:15pm


Monday 1:30pm

Rockhampton Grammar School

Tuesday 1:30pm


Monday 1:45pm


Tuesday 1:45pm


Monday 2:00pm

Holy Spirit


Monday 2:15pm

Blackheath Thornburgh


Monday 2:30pm

St Pat's Shorncliffe


Monday 2:45pm

St Mary's/St Pat's



Monday 3:00pm

Faith Lutheran



Monday 3:15pm

St Augustine's Cairns



Monday 3:30pm




Monday 3:45pm

St Columban's



Monday 4:00pm

St Mary's Woree